Saturday, June 22, 2013

Advantages Disadvantages All New Kia Sportage

Advantages Disadvantages All New Kia Sportage - All New Kia Sportage SUV type car is owned KIA Indonesia, this car is also classified in Crossover (combination of SUV and MPV) is a car that is designated as a car cruising terrain (rough terrain), but also comfortable to drive on onroad field. All New Kia Sportage has 4 variants namely MT Kia Sportage, Sportage LX MT, Kia Sportage and Kia Sportage LX AT AT Platinum. Varian is the lowest Sportage Sportage taking MT manual transmission and features that are not as complete as the other variants, while the highest variant All New Kia Sportage Sportage Platinum is the most comprehensive features to 4 variants of Kia Sportage.
All New Kia Sportage Prices Platinum adrift quite large with another variant, following the official price of the Kia Sportage On The Road to the type of MT and LX MT is Rp. 270.5 million while for Type LX AT priced at Rp 284.5 million and is the most expensive type of Platinum Sportage AT is priced at 356 million dollars. Next we will discuss the many types of Platinum Sportage
One of the advantages of all-new Sportage is having a pretty good exterior design, modern and fresh feel combined to produce a futuristic exterior design, has a design that is high enough ground clearance represents this car is kind of SUV. From the outside appearance of this car looks pretty ferocious start from the front with a design that is quite slanted headlights, fog lamps splitting is large enough also pinned on the front bumper under the headlamp, a pair of mirror this car has also been equipped with turn signal, look down our will find alloy wheels 18 "and this car looks pretty tall for a fairly high ground clearance. dimension is the all-new Sportage has a length of 4440 mm, width 1855 mm, height 1635, with a wheelbase of 2640 mm.
On the whole body looks smooth curves that adorn the front of the hood of the car starts, the side of the car (side) to the rear, a smooth curve is an attempt to dispel the impression of monotony KIA KIA car earlier on. At the rear of the car is presented with LED stop lamp and brake lights are designed narrowed down to the side of the car to be seen clearly from the side that makes this car look dashing on the side of the car, the rear wiper on the glass are also not behind embedded.

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