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Causes of Car Accidents and Avoid When Driving

Causes of Car Accidents and Avoid When Driving - Car accidents are still very common in Indonesia and no less than twenty thousand deaths each year occur in Indonesia due to road accidents. Several studies both in Indonesia and abroad have covered this, this time will try to review the cause of most accidents and driver as much as possible to avoid activities or
these conditions, we would sort of the largest in number 1.
Distractions while driving
Distractions while driving becomes no 1 the biggest cause of accidents on the highway, this type of disorder assortment include:
* Using Hp, either sms / phone and also other activities at Hp
* Shifting the view of the road being traversed
* Set the Audio
* Reading something like a map or a specific document while driving
* Set the child or even a serious conversation with becakap
Impaired driving above the point is to break the concentration of the driver so the focus is divided between the road with the things above. In addition to the above matters no interference from drivers who are also psychological factors that must be controlled such as: emotional (in anger), panic (in a state of fear), in a hurry. To overcome this really just do not reduce your main concentration on the road, driving a 100 percent concentration on the road will cause us to avoid the number 1 cause of accidents
Tired and Sleepy
Tired and sleepy is ranked number 2 on the cause of the fatal accident, this is related to the timing of fatigue and sleepiness usually occurs in the middle of a trip and usually this happens quickly / suddenly. Causes of tired and sleepy is to force myself to drive when the body condition is not fit or lack of rest before driving a car.
Signs you're tired and sleepy eyes are heavy, often close by themselves, feelings of restlessness, frequent yawning, eyes can not focus, often losing konsntrasi on road conditions, often lost its way when the road. Beware of This and adequate rest before driving, if this happens you can rest for a while just to stretch stiff muscles or quality sleep 10 minutes to half an hour.
Automotive enthusiasts already know for yourself what I mean by this drink, not a long time discussing as this is the third biggest cause of accidents while driving. we do not discuss because of our limitations that this blog is forbidden to review matters relating to this

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