Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flood Affected Most cars for sale

Flood Affected Most cars for sale - terekena cars flooding in Jakarta some have started to be cleaned, there were cleaned himself but also very much to be cleaned at a car wash. This flood of used cars is certainly not prime conditions, mud envelop the exterior of the car lot and not only was the interior and the engine is also not spared from the flood mud especially on a car that sank in total.

Auto repair costs due to flooding is also not a little depending on the type of car and car damage, estimated cleanup costs at the same time car damage repair between 2 million and 5 million dollars from a car wash (exterior cleaning) salon car (interior) and workshop (machine) , this of course does not include specific damage such as scratches or broken glass swept a result, it is also not included luxury cars such as the Corolla which require more complicated treatment.
Some car owners prefer to sell the car instead of doing the cleaning or repair, usually falling prices are also quite lower than the price of the car minus the cost of repair, it is mostly done by people enough money that did not bother to fix his car. Sales of used cars in Jakarta have started to rise, sales will certainly extends to the area around Jakarta, and predicted sales of new cars will also increase this diprekdisikan up in February, it was within a few months while buyers should be wary if the sale is a used car flood.
Used cars despite flood was cleaned but still at risk, what if the cleaning is not done very well and thoroughly.
SOLD Cars Flood Damage Affected

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