Saturday, June 22, 2013

Daihatsu Zebra Astrea Suitable For Business

Daihatsu Zebra Astrea Suitable For Business - automotive lovers may remember the one of the flagship products daihatsu minibus '90s generation? yeah I mean the Daihatsu Zebra Astrea, cars become tight competitor for Suzuki Carry minibus segment (microbus) in the 90's. Astrea Zebra car is pretty special to me for certain functions such as for transport,
send send-catering, etc. for businesses who need a cheap car with enough carrying capacity, this zebra car may fit as a companion of your business, we will try to review a little bit about this car.
Daihatsu Zebra Astrea a minibus type car (microbus) issued between 1986 and 1994, this car has a passenger capacity of 7 people would be ideal but is able to accommodate up to 9 passengers when the rear seats manifold sideways. Between 1986 and 1994 Zebra car into a minibus alternative than suzuki carry, with the same functionality but the price of this car is cheaper than suzuki carry.
Astrea daihatsu zebra exterior design is quite sweet in his time, but for now it looks outdated, with the shape and angle of the box clearly visible as typical 90's era car. when we speak of the design of this car is arguably less, but when talking to other problems then this car could be matched with the reader, let's call it Zebra Astrea several advantages that can be considered:
Excess Daihatsu Zebra

1. Cheap car prices, the price is quite cheap daihatsu zebra Astrea that between 10 million to 25 million late, even if the conditions are not good this car can be sold under 10 million, cheap is not it?
2. Transport capacity is great, with cheap price car owners can carry up to 9 passengers suitable for shuttle, or if filled goods such as catering or groceries for a small business is very reliable.
3. Many spare parts, car owners do not have to worry about the availability of spare parts for car parts zebra Astrea very much and the price is too low, the car spare parts can also be substituted with some zebra Espass.
4. Network service, network daihatsu unquestionable because almost every town there. For this car even general repair shops do not have difficulty in dealing damage if the car is problematic, because most mechanics know this engine
5. Machine quite stubborn if taken care of properly, '90s generation car is known to have a machine that is quite satisfactory as deer super, suzuki carry and zebra Astrea.
6. Fuel Efficient Cars

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