Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mercedes Benz G Class Review

Mercedes Benz G Class Review - Mercedes Benz G Class is a car type SUV or relic known as JIP car issued by European luxury car manufacturer Mercedes, the Mercedes G code does refer to the car with the ability to bulldoze adventurous tracks
off road or rough terrain. Uniquely G Class cars from the early 70s to be issued in 2013 remained consistent with maintaining the shape of the classic jeep characteristic angles that looked stiff but stout, this type of car is named cross country vehicle by the car manufacturer.
Cars with this ancient stature has impressed a lot of interest because it strengthens the character of the old impression of this car as a tough classic cars, automotive enthusiasts are also no mistake though this car looks old but the price is not old-fashioned, for the variant G Class of 2013 new car price reached Rp . :-) 3 billion not quite heavy, well that could be looking for a second weighing approx price for a used G Class 1994 was 400 millions, or if you want cheaper price car market is still 200 million for 1989.

Next we will try to discuss one of the variants of the G Class G300 CDI cars released in 2010 (not that new but not too old), from the exterior of the car looks creepy with distinctive dark green military style and classic cars, equipped with breathing holes when This car swimming in watery path, car lights are also equipped with wire (order) to protect the lamp current through the woods.
On the exterior design of this car has enough corners firm (stiff), car body material is also very high quality car body is so different from the other cars and even land cruiser (offroad toyota) which makes this car is also not easily damaged or dented when pressed (solid really like classic cars), now imagine this on the test car hood trampled by instructor mercedes test (but not dented).

Mercedes Benz G300 CDI dimensions are length 4643 mm, width 1960 mm, height 2020 mm, 2820 mm wheelbase Lowest distance of cars and 21.3 cm. Exterior front of the car is equipped with a protective steel began headlamp, turn signal lights, grill, bumper equipped in the hole to tie the rope when in need of a shuffle of the other car, the car is also equipped foglam (box-shaped) were placed under the headlamp (round) in the bumper. G Class 300 CDI car has gro...

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