Saturday, June 22, 2013

Best sensation with Shell Helix While Driving

Best sensation with Shell Helix While Driving - Sharing experiences while changing the oil, a few days ago I was changing the oil in the car (Kijang Innova 2010) were purchased 6 months ago, made the turn at one of the workshops in the area Sawojajar Malang friends, my colleagues
suggest a good oil for this type Innova is Shell Helix Spirax, while chatting pergantianpun done :-)
Friends said it was true that oil workshop was very fitting for a car, several changes began to be felt as the car began to turn, smooth engine sound makes me amazed at the quality of the oil, maybe this post is an appreciation to colleagues who helped pick oil (like it thank you).
Almost at once I stepped on the gas first tug was a significant difference, pull in first gear feels smooth engine vibration is also different from before, the new 2nd gear acceleration feels like a car that renewable energy wow, I think this race car ya, pull so different feels lighter and faster.

Apparently the use of this oil is really affecting my innova car's performance, once again I tried to try on high rpm but the engine vibration is relatively small, the high speed area Soekarno Hatta road car is still stable and I feel engine vibration is greatly reduced, acceleration and smoothness machine on 4th gear is still felt, maybe it was the excess oil Shell Helix a friend said to me the quality of oil that Shell will bring provide the best sensations such as a racing car (super car my friend said) so it's like that, a light pull.
Oil usage is personally there are a few points, especially as I feel that is:
1. Make a smoother engine vibration
2. Make a smooth engine sound is not noisy
3. Tug-powered cars more spontaneous or lighter
4. Stable engine used in the workplace as well as extras like hill tracks...

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