Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boosting Tips Car Safely

Boosting Tips Car Safely - Jack up the car sometimes necessary to fix a car that can not be done without lifting a car like changing a car tire repairs or other activities that require space on the bottom to fix the car, jack up the car also requires a degree of caution because of the high related to the safety of the mechanic or owner
if you want to boost his own car owned cars.
This time will give you tips to safely jack up the car, which should be considered are:
* Points Boosting

Find a place to jack up the car with a flat characteristic does not mean the derivative or slope (flat as possible), find a spacious / airy (not too narrow), look for a minimal disturbance (deserted), look for a place that is strong enough to jack up the car for example asphalt or concrete that is anticipated to remain strong.
* Car Key
When automotive enthusiasts have found a suitable place to jack up the car, which has to do is lock the car so as not to move forward or backward or even sideways, the following is a way to lock the car
- Lower the car so that all passengers do not sway while later lifted
- Align the front tires the car, so the horses are strong enough

- For cars with matic transmission (automatic) gear lever placed to P, while for manual transmission cars can be put in the position of the gear teeth 1
- Activate the parking brake (hand brake), on some cars there that use the parking brake on foot (parking brake switch)
- Prop car with wooden beams (booster car) on 2 wheels on which the car when didongkak, if it will push up the front of the chock the rear wheels, if possible, use a 4 wedge (with their ma...

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