Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Use Hand Brake and Maintenance

How to Use Hand Brake and Maintenance - Handbrake is one of the car's brakes that serve to keep the car from sliding while parked, a more appropriate term in this type of brake is actually the parking brake which brakes are used when we parked the car or stop the car for a time long enough duration between 5 minutes to several hours. Parking brake is commonly located in the middle between two
front seat, regular hand-operated brake is pulled to activate the parking brake which is often referred to as the hand brake (brake to mention this we will use the term hand brake).
Handbrake actually has a function other than as a brake when the car stops, among others also serves as an emergency brake which brakes functioned during certain circumstances (emergency) such as automobile brake tension, gridlocked streets during the handbrake will be felt benefits than foot brakes constantly what if congestion occurs on an uphill road, it also serves to brake the car when the engine died on the road and we will make corrections on the machine.
When the hand brake should be used
Although the hand brake is used when the car is stopped, but the duration of use of these brakes also need our attention. In the car parked long enough (a few days) use of the handbrake is not recommended because it can damage the disc brake, especially for areas with high humidity or a car runs through the puddles that can cause the crust on the disc or drum car. Using the hand brake on the recommended duration of between 5 minutes to 1 day, more than one day better car propped up with wood for example, when left to go out of town. If automotive enthusiasts looking to travel to market or to a friend's house that stops just a few hours using the handbrake it is very appropriate.
How to use handbrake
The handbrake has a jagged / gear at the base of the brake function to access Portes D.

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