Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tips to Check Your Car's Electrical System

Tips to Check Your Car's Electrical System - Electrical system on used cars will gradually decreased performance, this is because some components of the electrical source has lost his life like a battery, alternator, and the wiring is not perfect anymore. Signs of the car had an electrical problem is the instability of some of the components when operated, for example, the car gives a blast of air conditioning is much faster when in gas, different headlights light the pedal on the gas pedal when the gas pedal is released, the weaker current wiper the engine is at low speed.

The foregoing is a sign that the car was having problems with the electricity, that electricity supply in some car parts such as lights, wipers, ac, and turn signal lights are not perfect. If your car is experiencing electrical problems at least there are some things you should fix or you check out include:
Car battery

Car battery that has lost its useful life or because of something causing the battery is no longer able to work as it should, this condition will lead to a lack of ability to supply power to components that require electric cars such as lights, wipers, ac, and others which consequently lights can not turn on the light and the gas must be great to give a bright flame. Car batteries typically have a lifetime of between 2-4 years, if it passes it seems the battery must be replaced.
To keep Aki remains in good condition so keep the outgoing and incoming power to Aki, the electricity went out on the wires coming from the alternator and power, besides water quality battery case should not be dry because it will damage the cells in the battery. Good car battery has a voltage between 12-13 volts, use a voltmeter to figure it out, below 12 volts then the lights will be dimmed and the other part also lose optimal function.

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