Saturday, June 22, 2013

Toyota Etios Liva Offers Qualified

Toyota Etios Liva Offers Qualified - Etios Liva is a car in 2013 is eagerly awaited by the Indonesian automotive enthusiasts, according to official sources toyota car next month (March) will go on sale still under Manager of Toyota Astra Motor (Indonesia) that for a while this car will be imported from India before the Toyota factory built in Indonesia. This also suggests if the specification Etios Liva
similar to that in India because the car will be taken directly from India, while there will probably change in a few small ornaments on the car. (We'll discuss)

Car Etios Liva
Liva is one variant of the Etios (cheap car), which is actually Toyota Etios has 2 variants of Etios and Etios Liva Hatchback Sedan or city car, the Etios to use two different engines for the Etios Sedan which use 1500 cc engine and for Etios Liva Hatchback 1200 cc engine wear. Toyota Etios Liva will be a cheap car Indonesia and this car will be on the segment between Agya Toyota and Toyota Yaris, this car will challenge the dominance of Honda Brio Hatchback segment's 150 million. For a while TAM will only sell Etios Liva for the Etios Sedan while going to catch up but the time is still unclear.

Exterior Etios Liva is quite compact and small, from the size of the exterior of this car is included in the hatchback category and not the City Car. Etios Liva is the long dimension of 3775 mm, width 1695 mm and 1510 mm in height, this unique car has a ground clearance of 17 cm high enough that different from most city car has a ground clearance below, point 17 cm also in ground clearance will also ensure This car easily passed bumps / humps urban. Etios Liva has antaar distance of 2.46 meter wheelbase (fairly short yes) and has a turning radius of 4.8 meters, this car also has a fairly light weight of only 900 kg.
In terms of the look of the car is pretty sweet to look at, sporty and simple look of the color of the car ornaments are made of one color with the body of the car, if the automotive enthusiasts choose the blue exterior of this car aka

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