Saturday, June 22, 2013

Exit Tata Nano in Indonesia

Exit Tata Nano in Indonesia - cheap car Tata Nano is made by automotive manufacturers india (grammar motors), some fellow journalists have encountered this car passing in jakarta bogor, did not investigate after investigate strange indeed turns out the car has been
out and has been sold by an authorized dealer in order Grogol Jakarta area. Little about nanoscale system specifications, in terms of the car's exterior is quite small in length 3099 mm makes this car including the shortest commercial cars in Indonesia.
Tata Nano dimensions, length 3099 mm, 1495 mm wide and 1652 mm high, has a wheelbase of 2230 mm. This car only has a maximum passenger capacity of 4 people, its unique nano tata car has a ground clearance of 180 mm high at too high SUV ya like it.
Affairs of governance prices nano arguably the most inexpensive car in which two variants are at bottom only 20 million price range, such as the standard BSIII and BSIV variant is priced at 23 million, then the CX variant (medium) sold at a price of 28 million dollars, then the highest variant procedure nano LX for sale at a price of 33 million dollars.
The price difference is due to the different features that are embedded in this car as the standard variant (lowest variance) are still not equipped with cooling systems (air conditioning), safety systems (power windows and central lock). While the CV variant (middle) has been equipped with a cooling system (AC), for the LX variant (highest variance) has been equipped also with Central door lock and power window.

Specifications for nano engine layout, the car is equipped with engine cylinder number 2 alone and has a capacity of 625 cc saline, hem quite small so only have 2 cylinders :-). Affairs power, automotive enthusiasts do not expect too much because this car has a maximum power of 35 ps is approximately 1/4 power honda jazz (Ps 120). Fuel consumption nanoscale system is more efficient than the cars in general, reaching 23 km to 1 liter pertamax, but if you see the power that this car it produced fuel consumption 1:23 termasu...


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