Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Mazda 8 MPV Premium Review

New Mazda 8 MPV Premium Review - New Mazda 8 MPV type car that is in the category of upper-class MPV, priced at 530 million dollars would have to have its own advantages. New Mazda8 is a refinement of Mazda8 that came out in 2011 and many changes occur in New Mazda8 exterior design than its predecessor, although this car
including bongsor but when viewed at a glance the exterior design of this car New Mazda 8 different looks fresh and sporty Mazda8 exclusive. New Mazda8 passenger capacity is 7 people.
On the exterior of the car is equipped with xenon HID headlamp type, LED stop lamp and Sunroof. This car is quite unique in that tangible card door lock which can be opened when the car owner bring the card key to the car. Another unique car also takes into account the high ground clearance which is designed to facilitate the passengers out of the car comfortably, it is different from most cars MPV that better take into account the ability to pass through bumps or damaged street in the city.
New Mazda8 dimensions are length 4860 mm, width 1850 mm, height 1685 mm and ground clearance of 15.5 cm. This car is quite large for the size MPV, this car has a turning radius 5.7 m and an empty weight of 1780 kg. The exterior design of this car looks sporty as assisted rear spoiler, alloy wheels and turn signal lights in the rearview car.

New Mazda8 known to have an ergonomic cabin squares ranging from room cabin, comfortable chair design using the arm rest, head rest and foot rest, this car also dibaki sunroof that can set the lighting which sunroof can also be opened so that the wind can get into car.
In-dash car interior is fairly simple dish, is equipped with GPS, dilengkapai LCD screen to monitor the temperature inside and outside the cabin, the audio system support for Ipod and speakers that give the effect of theater on the car, which is unique from the car speakers and the volume of air that can be set of independent / individual between the passenger and the driver.

This car has a sliding door on the passenger side panel and can be operated using the remote, the general passenger completely spoiled by the interior design of this car.
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