Saturday, June 22, 2013

Colt Pickup cars T120SS Excess

Colt Pickup cars T120SS Excess - Maybe automotive enthusiasts looking for a pickup truck? pick up a car is a car that has a kind of commercial flatbed in the back, it was good time to review one of these pickup truck that is reliable and has never been our review, this car named Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 MPI T120SS Pick Up.
If automotive enthusiasts looking for commercial vehicle or pickup the most concerned about are:

1. Engine performance, in this case the power and durability
2. Goods transport capacity (both volume and weight of the item)
3. Strength of the material body, especially on the tub / rear cabin
4. Car prices, including resale price
5. Spare parts, it is also important because this car is used for work.

We will discuss about the things above are simple and do not be too deep, because this car is quite simple and many automotive enthusiasts are aware of this car, we will only underscore just about this car.
Mitsubishi issued many well-known commercial vehicles ranging colt T120, L300 colt, colt diesel, small to large trucks, buses and even most are made by mitsubishi car manufacturers. Nothing wrong with it of experience producing commercial mitsubishi cars to be number 1 for this type of cars.
T120SS Colt 1.5 MPI is the latest car to pick up now available at Mitsubishi dealers in each city. This car has the character of a body is not too large, pretty good power, cheap car prices, interest being (here is the possibility of taking advantage of fans who are not too much), perhaps because many people prefer suzuki carry / mega carry or not any too well GranMax (automotive enthusiasts are free to choose as needed later) ..

Mitsubishi T120SS dimensions are 1.5 MPI has a length 3720 mm, width 1560 mm and height 1825 mm. Not too large compared to the suzuki carry pick up the Length x Width x Height (3780 x 1580 x

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