Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to Take Care Car Batteries

How to Take Care Car Batteries - Caring for a car battery is very beneficial to the performance of the car, especially for components that are directly related to the battery such as lights, power windows, electric power steering, air conditioning, wipers, etc.. Good care of the car battery also can extend the life of battery life, it means the battery
cars can be more durable or long lasting in good quality.
Ideally the car battery should be checked at the garage every 1 or 2 months to make sure whether the battery is in good condition for a quality power supply to electrical components that others, usually workshop will examine start battery water volume, quality stun (voltage), until cleaning dirt (if any) on the battery terminals. Checking the battery condition can actually auto lovers do in their own homes by checking the battery as a mechanic at a car repair shop do, here are some tips to know the condition of the battery and take care of:

* Check the physical condition of the car battery, battery health can be seen from his physical condition, see if your battery is still flat wall or is convex, if the battery is convex wall then get ready to replace the battery (do not convex). convex battery condition can be caused by a less than perfect battery charging
* Cell on battery condition, it can be seen from the pit wall and the water battery, cell that has been damaged is usually white with a form that is no longer perfectly symmetric, this condition also indicates the battery has been weak and lost quality of power supply quality

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