Saturday, June 22, 2013

Specifications Suzuki Aerio Review

Specifications Suzuki Aerio Review - Suzuki Aerio is a hatchback type car which began to be issued in 2001 by Suzuki and is not issued again in approximately 2008, this car is a pioneer of the hatchback in Indonesia plays a major role in the open market or hatchback city car. Its emergence in 2001 had received an enthusiastic automotive market homeland but the emergence honda jazz or yaris that has sweeter exterior design makes the car Aerio as oblivion, true to size
Suzuki Aerio quality is not inferior to a city car like the Yaris or Jazz when it was just a matter of promotion and display a little under jazz makes Suzuki Aerio hatchback car lost the competition.
The exterior design is actually taken from the Suzuki Aerio Sedan Aerio Aerio sedan which is very sweet. Design Aerio Aerio Sedan and Hatchback are very similar from the front grille, the hood of the car to the side of the car, the difference is only in the design of the rear of the car where the Aerio sedan has a distinctive luggage while Aerio hatchback sedan has baggage in the cabin of a typical hatchback car.
Changes in the rear of the car led display little Aerio Hatchback seemed forced, the Aerio sedan sporty design does not appear on the Aerio hatchback cabin large part to backward while on the front (bonnet) is still owned sedan and a slightly shorter length than jazz or yaris although in the 2000s for car design it is understandable.
The following are the dimensions of the Suzuki Aerio:
Suzuki Aerio * Length: 4230 mm
Suzuki Aerio * Width: 1690 mm
* Height: 1550 mm
* Wheelbase: 2480 mm
* Lowest distance car / ground clearance: 15 cm
* Mininumum Turning radius: 5 m
* Suzuki Aerio passenger capacity is 5 people (maximum)
* Fuel tank capacity 50 liters
This sighting Aerio sedan

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