Saturday, June 22, 2013

Car fuse melts or Disconnect Switch

Car fuse melts or Disconnect Switch - Fuses car is very important function in controlling the amount of electric current flowing in the car components that require electricity, for example haedlamp, fog lamp, brake lights, wipers, electric mirrors, power windows and others. Car components
This has a limit on the receiving electric current from the battery or the engine, little current through these components, it will cause damage to the components such as headlamp or foglam or the other. Other consequences are worse in the unstable flow will cause the fire to parts or even the car itself.
The current controller is a fuse that will limit the amount of electrical current flowing in car components, which fuse will cut off the flow of electricity if there is too much current through it exceeds the capacity of the fuse and the fuse will disconnect the electrical current during a short circuit in the car.
Although the function of the fuse is controlling electric current flowing in car components, but by no means the fuse will not be damaged. Automotive enthusiasts often find the condition of the fuse broken or melted, it is caused mainly due to surge that occurred during service or in the car that are not normal circumstances.

Here is the cause of damage to either car was broken fuse or melt:
1. The heat in the area due to a car fuse ampere fuse size is smaller than the electric current flowing
2. Improper installation or house fuse socket can also cause heat and damage the fuse
3. presence of impurities in the fuse socket
4. the added overhead components, such as adding additional halogen lamps or other lights, or additional audio accessories without using a separate fuse
5. Short circuit occurs.
6. Less than optimal electrical connection of components, such as loose headlamp sockets
Some ways to overcome the frequent car fuse melts, among others:
1. Make sure all components are installed according to the vehicle, if adding other accessories that use a fuse or separate
2. The possibility of loose fuse, replace the fuse with a new home
3. If the electrical connections on imperfect components such as headlamp sockets loose, it can be searched by Kaber feel that connects the fuse with hot components. The solution or traded cable repair damage to the socket if the socket component

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