Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to Eliminate Car Paint Scratches

How to Eliminate Car Paint Scratches - scratch or scratches on car paint is experienced by almost all owners of cars ranging from minor scratches to severe scratches, for light scratches that are experienced by the majority of automotive enthusiasts, especially on cars that already quite long held. Light scratches on car paint is usually caused
by bad habits carried out repeatedly on the car or an accident such as: scratches due to hit the nail on the body around the door handles, car wash scratches due to rough cloth (no gravel in the lap), caused by sparks gravel scratches during transport or another.
Due to scratch this is the car look less than perfect, you can imagine if the car is still mulis but at around the door handle looks tiny scratches, not make them feel uncomfortable? But automotive enthusiasts do not have to worry about scratching this type because it is actually very easy to remove or rather disguised. Here is a simple way to disguise or eliminate scratches on car paint:
* Ingredients:
1. Water (clean)
2. Shampoo for car wash
3. Scratch Remover (liquid to disguise scratches) can be purchased at the shop or car care (the picture below is for example, not for sale)

4. Car Polish (bought at garage or car care)
* Tool:
1. Wipe clean and smooth (2 pieces)
2. Plas Chamois or chamois

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