Saturday, June 22, 2013

Geely LC Cross Citycar Review

Geely LC Cross Citycar Review - Car Geely LC Cross is a combination car city car with crossover SUV or known by, many automotive enthusiasts put this car in the SUV category and many are calling City Car. Not one also if the car is called the SUV
and City Car for car body is a typical city car as passenger numbers, shapes and other cars. Ground Clearance But if you view the car high enough to make a car with City Car body can reach terrain that can not be reached by car most of the city car, car interior design Geely also feels gives the feel of an SUV, then this is what many are classifying this car as an adventurous car or SUV. prefer to call this car a Crossover with 2 reasons first because the name of this car (LC Cross) and the second is a concept car that combines the two types of characteristics of the car and City Car SUV, combining the two characteristics of this type of car is classified as Crossover .
As a crossover car certainly many advantages that can be drawn from this example Geely LC Cross broke through the dense urban capacity that is not owned cars SUVs like Pajero and Fortuner pure, or the ability to cross the roads are not good / unusual traversed by a city car such as uneven roads in the mountains or countryside. Geely LC Cross is a car which is issued by the car manufacturer from china.

The exterior design of Geely LC Cross is spunky yet compact, dimension-style city car with a car length 3815 mm, width 1648 mm and height 1530 makes this car breakdown nimble enough to conquer the urban street. Dashing SUV car design style is also very pronounced on the front which immediately presented our views on the bumper cars are thick and strong, grill or air holes on the front of the car is also designed large enough to really be able to put enough air in the machine to help engine performance when driven.
In the lighting Geely LC Cross is equipped with a headlamp and fog lamp which both types of lights can be adjusted altitude electrical lighting by way of the steering panel, on the back of the car is also FITNESS

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