Saturday, June 22, 2013

Used Cars for Sale Flood Damage

Used Cars for Sale Flood Damage - Cars flooded out in jakarta already been cleaned, some cleaned itself and also handed over the cleaning at the car wash. This flood the used car lot mud condition exterior blanketed cars, in addition to the interior and the engine is also full of dirt like mud and water especially at high car half submerged cars or more.

Cost of repairing the flood of used cars varies depending on the type and severity of damage to the car the car, the average cost of cleaning as well as repair car damage ranged from 2 to 5 million dollars from the car wash (exterior cleaning) saloon cars (restoring the interior) and car repair (restore engine performance), the cost of this treatment is still not include certain damages such as cars scratched, dented body and broken glass, between 2-5 million cost also does not include luxury cars like the Corolla and the like that require special handling.

Most car owners choose to sell flooded cars than do the repairs, the condition is usually accompanied by a considerable decline in car prices fall lower than the price of the car even though it has reduced the cost of repairs or cleaning, flooding the used car sales is mostly done by people who do not have the time or did not bother to fix her car while the owner takes the car ready to support the work activities. Sales of used cars in Jakarta began to rise which is possible to expand sales outside the region, is expected to in February this flood of used cars are still sold, while in a few months motoring enthusiasts should be aware of the flood of used cars, which is usually still possible despite being cleared have a long-term risk.
Used cars flooded despite being cleared but still have the risk of what if the cleaning is done perfunctory dirt.
Used Car Flood Damage

In the used car flood water / mud that sticks to the exterior must be cleaned properly, besides water also must be cleaned thoroughly, if this is not done then it will corrode / loss on the body and a decrease in the function of the car body and the legs of the car components -components made of metal. In the interior of the car if the cleaning is not done thoroughly clean it will cause tumbuhny

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