Saturday, June 22, 2013

Advantages Disadvantages Chevrolet Aveo Specifications and Price

Advantages Disadvantages Chevrolet Aveo Specifications and Price - All New Chevrolet Aveo is a city car or hatchback car most of the American automobile manufacturers that are trendy among young people in 2013, this car is the result of market penetration for the Indonesian Chevrolet eroded the dominance of Japanese cars in the hatchback segment of medium class . Automotive lovers now really have to think twice when buying a city car in 2013, car
hatchback which is controlled by a few years the Jazz and Yaris has now changed with the release of product quality compact hatchback from Chevrolet.
Exterior Design

All New Chevrolet Aveo hatchback adopts European design that is sporty, vivid impression not too visible on this car except the headlights are sharper design and provide a 3D effect (3-dimensional) such as cat eyes on BMW cars, this car uses halogen headlamp so flame will be very bright at night. Aerodynamic car Chevrolet Aveo which is very good on the lower front of the car is designed to reduce friction with the air so that the car remains stable at high speeds, while the arch on the windshield makes a subtle breeze that passes this car will run smoothly through the glass toward the top of the car, on the roof of the car is also designed curve that allows wind to slide into the back of the car.
These designs are the latest design of the hatchback cars to stabilize the car when driving at high speed by reducing wind friction, similar to the design of this car ford fiesta, Mazda2, Mitsubishi Outlander and other European-style car.

At the front of the all-new Chevrolet Aveo will be impressive this car is stable and casual car can be driven at high speeds, the front bumper is designed as integrated with the body of the car and pinned sharp headlamp with 2 additional fog lamps below the headlights. Looking at the side of the automotive lovers will see a pretty unique mirror design that is narrow (narrow) without equipped with turn indicator lights on the rear view mirror, this mirror design as if to emphasize that the form is narrowed rearview car attempts to minimize air resistance when driving.

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