Saturday, June 22, 2013

Valco Etios Specifications Price Pros

Valco Etios Specifications Price Pros - automotive Lovers Indonesia should be smiling because on this day Toyota Etios Valco has come out and officially marketed in Indonesia, itself a Valco Etios car city car or hatchback type underclass Agya placed between Toyota and Toyota Yaris, this car positioned head to head with Honda
Brio both in terms of quality cars, concept cars and the price of the car, we will review this car complete the exterior, the interior of the car to safety
The concept of this car is give the car a multipurpose, cool in terms of design, sporty interior. Tough in conquering the streets not only in the city, this car is also designed to be able to pass the lines a little hill outside the city or in the countryside. Sporty concept car were taken is reflected from the car exterior design that looks fresh and compact, fuel consumption is quite economical and powerful engine and low price Etios Valco be a tremendous attraction on the car market Hatchback Low
Valco Etios has a long dimension of 3755 mm, width 1695 mm, height 1510 mm, the car is very similar to the Etios liva hatchback Etios Liva will but if examined different is different though similar Valco Etios. What's interesting about this car is to have the lowest distance is quite high at 17 cm, it is an effort to make the car Etios Valco able to pass through not only in urban but also can be driven only go to rural areas that can not be reached by most city car, which is where most city ​​car has a ground clearance of 10-15 cm so it is very difficult if it is run on a rather heavy terrain (slope / mound).

Valco Etios exterior is classified as very sporty, there are clear lines from the front to the back of this car impressive perform faster, the design of this car also looks casual without excessive emphasis on car image, the design is simple but nice views (would seek youth in ). Etios body color on the color of Valco made meaning of the ornaments on the front to rear has the same color as the body such as mirrors, bunper, hand door, grill (Sporty impression really feels). Not necessarily the same color as the body part is the lights, tires, wheels and also the air holes in the bumper (black color).
Nuance aerodynamics on this car is also very pronounced, as in the front part of the hood that is not too high and not too low, on the windshield also designed quite easily throw the air to the top of the car, while the top of the Etios Valco perfectly arched designed to throw air at the rear of the car. It could be that the curves on the body from the front to the rear of the car is also used to facilitate the movement of air from the front to the rear of the car when you are at a high speed (this is a low friction design that minimizes friction body with the wind at high speeds), this design in addition to making faster cars are also more stabi

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