Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chevrolet Spin Diesel Specifications and Price

Chevrolet Spin Diesel Specifications and Price - Lovers Chevrolet automotive surprised by the release of Spin (MPV 7 passengers) is one of the variants use a diesel engine or diesel fuel. Chevrolet Diesel Spin This is not unexpected when out in the car below the price range but wear 200 million heart <baca diesel engine excellence diesel> which the average price of diesel cars or diesel engine is still above 250 million
350 million, call it Isuzu Panther, Diesel Innova, Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero and others.
Chevrolet Diesel Spin MPV is currently the cheapest car in Indonesia that use diesel engines or diesel fuel, no doubt this car became the most wanted fugitive in the Indonesian automotive enthusiasts when reviewing this car, for the price of diesel chevrolet spin is most likely is far below the other diesel MPV that is 185 million dollars.
Spin Chevrolet diesel is quite unique because it carries the 1300 cc engine, is different from the average diesel car available in the market today where the average using 2500 cc engine. Although the spin chevrolet engine cylinder capacity of 1300 cc diesel just does not make prospective car owner is discouraged because this car has recorded a 74 hp power, horsepower by 74 hp for the size of the 1300cc diesel engine is quite good, horsepower diesel chevrolet spin not adrift away from the Isuzu Panther has only 80 hp maximum power where we know that the engine is Isuzu Panther capacity of 2,500 cc.

Spin Diesel Specifications
Here's the specs chevrolet diesel spin:
* Engine type: Diesel 4-cylinder
* Fuel: Solar
* Cylinder Capacity: 1248 cc
* Mechanical Technology: Injection Common Rail Turbo dirrect
* Maximum Power: 75 hp at 4000 rpm
* Maximum torque: 190 Nm at 2500 rpm
Diesel engine from Chevrolet Spin many predicted very fuel efficient though until this moment have not test drive, the output of some cars like the Chevrolet New Aveo Diesel fuel consumption is listed at the top of 20 km per liter of diesel.
Chevrolet Spin Diesel fuel consumption is expected to penetrate the 1:20 to the freeway, more efficient than diesel MPV is the most economical for isuzu panther who recorded fuel consumption 1:17 to freeway. It is also powered with an engine capacity of 1300 cc spin which only makes the car much more efficient than cars 2,500 cc diesel that we know so far.
Price and Competitors
Spin Chevrolet Diesel prices around Rp. 185 million, the most expensive variant is a variant in which the spin of chevrolet car for the lowest variant of this is the C

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