Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tips on Car Oil Change

Tips on Car Oil Change - Mobil Oil is an important part of a car engine, the car has some oil on the engine functions, among others: the engine cooling, minimizing friction between the components in the engine, protect the engine from corrosion, dirt dissolving into the
car engine. Absolute car engine oil quality is maintained to get such a good car performance in acceleration, vehicle speed and cost of repairs when damage occurs due to oil. If the reader is still confused by selecting the appropriate oil to the car to read the previous article on how to choose a good oil.
How do I know the oil is still in good condition or not? this can be done in the workshop by checking viscosity or viscosity oil with a viscosity of the oil gauge is usually owned by a car repair shop, but the automotive enthusiast should not be discouraged because the quality of the actual oil itself can also be checked at home despite not using the tool high viscosity tester the following manner:
Oil colors

Automotive lovers can see the color of oil to determine the quality of the oil was in the engine include:
1. Oil Yellowish color as when beginning to buy oil, it indicates the oil is still good and does not need to change
2. Oil Pure Black color, it indicates the oil is in good condition, solid black color indicates the amount of dust or dirt is dissolved in the oil, the amount of dirt is not going to be able to minimize friction between the parts of a car engine
3. Whitey color, it indicates the oil is mixed with water, white brown color condition like this could be caused by the gap in the engine or something else that should not happen. If this condition occurs on your car then all service dibengkel engine with oil colors complaint notify the white chocolate in the garage
Number and Viscosity
Oil is too little (less) is not good for the car, as well as if the excess engine oil is also not good. Fill the oil according to the guide book and see the dipstick to determine the quantity of oil, the dipstick is available on all cars whose function is to measure the volume of oil in the engine.
While oil viscosity can we know the way whether applied to the fingertips still feels rough or smooth, if it feels rough then the oil is too much filth there is felt especially metal oil change soon. If in 1-2 months apparently greatly decreased oil quality (grainy and there are metal) then chances are the car engine problems occur.
Car kilometers
Most of the oil in Indonesia has the ability to keep the engine up to 5000 kilometers assumptions are not on big-city traffic, when in jakarta car sud...

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