Saturday, June 22, 2013

Daihatsu Charade Classy and Winner

Daihatsu Charade Classy and Winner - Daihatsu and Daihatsu Classy Winner is a variant of the Daihatsu Charade, the difference between classy and the winner is the type of car which is Daihatsu Charade Classy including the type of car sedan while Charade hatchback Winner in the category. This car (classy and winner) is a variant of the 3rd generation Daihatsu charade daihatsu issued in 1987
until 1994 and Indonesia's car market by 1997, both cars are classy and the winner has the same engine specifications using code G102 engine with a cylinder capacity of 1300 cc.
This car is very popular even today, there are many who are looking for a used car this charade, especially for Charade Classy (included in the sedans), sweet body, powerful engine, also toned flight and buy a cheap price of a reason to buy a sedan automobile lovers daihatsu made ​​this. Automobile club is also very much a classy winner, almost all the major cities in Indonesia this car has a fan club.

This type of car is reliable in addition to engine performance engine is stubborn and rarely fussy, daihatsu classy and 1300 cc winner is still capable of driving up to speeds of over 130 km / h while the classy maximum power is 66 Kw / 6500 rpm or 89 hp / 6500 rpm not bad for a car 90s. Daihatsu Charade Classy and Winner both have a 5-speed manual transmission, this car has also been equipped with a 4-cylinder, the steering system has been put power steering, car shape with a sweet softness typical sedan suspension so the car is still hunted in the market, the car's suspension is soft and also the legs tough car.
The following Specifications and Daihatsu Charade Classy Winner:
* Manufacturer: DAIHATSU
* Car Category: Sedan
* Type: Charade
* Variants: SG
* Year of exit: 1991
Dimension Daihatsu Classy
* Length: 1385 mm
* Width: 3995 mm
* Height: 1615 mm

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