Saturday, June 22, 2013

Toyota NAV1 Specifications for Rival

Toyota NAV1 Specifications for Rival - Toyota MPV type car Nav1 is the middle class that Toyota issued since the year 2012, this car has a passenger capacity of 7 people with fairly good comfort levels for each passenger. Comes with silver shades shades adopt aircraft with comprehensive features. Toyota Nav1 positioned as a middle-class car
between Toyota Innova and Toyota Alphard, the price is also pretty good car that is over 400 million dollars. The following full review Toyota Nav1

Toyota NAV1 has dimensions of length 4600 mm, width 1695 mm and height 1850 mm (quite large so), think about your current garage wanted with this car because this car space required to rotate well enough that is 5.5 meters long. MPV car designed as comfortable car only has a ground clearance of 15 cm, it is an attempt to facilitate passenger exit or enter the car comfortably (passengers up and down), with the lowest distance of 15 cm height also sure this car is very difficult to pass through field- heavy field (well only for road asphalt).
The exterior design of this car may seem formal and stiff from the first glance there was nothing interesting at the sight of the body of the car, but when we dug deeper than the MPV philosophy we can know the intent of this car that is destined able to bring a family member is traveling in comfort and fun. Call it a wide sliding door that allows passengers (luggage) came out and entered the cabin, especially with the operation of the door that can open and close electrically.

At the front of the car is equipped with a fairly large headlamp and reliable (projector) so it support security lighting as well as supporting the drive, wide front grille is also intended to get a supply of fresh air to the engine so resistant even to travel far. On the front bumper of this car is also embedded 2 fog lights are large enough to provide assistance that will provide maximum illumination when extreme weather conditions.
At the wheel NAV1 equipped with alloy wheels with tires size 195/65, Toyota NA...

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