Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cheap and popular Suzuki Esteem

Cheap and popular Suzuki Esteem - Suzuki Esteem is the output of the 90 cars that started in 1991 to 1996, this is the type of car sedan cars with engine cylinder capacity of 1300 cc to 1600 cc and the first generation to the second generation. This car is a car that competes in the ranks of the 90's era sedan
with the Toyota Corolla, Daihatsu Classy, ​​Honda Civic which we remember the 90s was the era Suzuki Esteem sedan and is a mainstay Suzuki in competing.
Suzuki Esteem first came out in 1991 using 1300 cc engine with G13B code, this car has been using the 4-cylinder 16-valve SOHC and has been using the technology. Although the car is an old car be reckoned with, especially if the fan is looking sedan auto 90's generation, at least when compared to its class rivals like the Honda Civic or Toyota or Daihatsu Classy Corolla / Starlet, automotive enthusiasts will see this car as a car with a budget of no more of 40 million where the average car esteem 1300 cc 1991 to 1994 sold for 25 to 35 million.
Excess car suzuki esteem are:

* The availability of spare parts and cheap enough
* Speed ​​of the car is quite satisfactory for the 90's generation
* Ease of maintenance
* Design a car that is not too miss
* Many car enthusiasts club suzuki esteem
* Car body is thick and strong enough
* Fairly economical fuel consumption could reach 15 km for 1 liter of gasoline (if the car is in good condition), fuel consumption esteem is out of town and 1:14 to 1:10 for the city
Suzuki esteem weaknesses are:

* Complaints on the legs of the car to be repaired a lot of the car owners said that the dead and peer shock shock too mushy, as the old car would fair enough if u have to make improvements

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