Saturday, June 22, 2013

Small Bus Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE 84G BC

Small Bus Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE 84G BC - automotive lovers may be considering buying a bus? why not, if it is needed to transport employees or need a car for the bus for tourism business? This time will review one of the mini buses issued by Mitsubishi, the car that we discuss is the car that has the capacity possible
enough passengers roughly 25-30 people, below is the appearance of this car.

Ok, a small bus was developed from the model colt diesel truck but the size of the chassis has been adapted to the needs of passengers who made longer, this car has a full name Mitsubishi FE 84G BC 136 PS, which is one of New Colt Diesel variant.

To note that the Mitsubishi Indonesia Commerce issued 3 types of vehicles ie: New Colt Diesel, Fuso, Tractor Head FV. New Colt diesel variant while there are 10 variants (bus and truck) in which one of them is New Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE 84G BC 136 PS, from the name we can already guess that Colt Diesel FE engine has a power 84G BC 136 Ps.
Keep in mind that Mitsubishi does not sell this car in the state but so will sell engine, tires and its chassis only, for a body to the body of a need to make the car completely so as buses were seen in the picture above. For the price of a car chassis and its engine is quite affordable at 246 million dollars, while for the manufacture of car body depends on the body of which an average of 300 to 400 million to make the bus body is pretty sweet. This time we will discuss the engine and chassis first.
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