Sunday, June 23, 2013

Car Driving Tips When Rain

Car Driving Tips When Rain - Power drastically reduced tire grip is the biggest obstacle when car drivers in the rain, in heavy rain conditions on knowledge and instinct driving a mainstay in controlling the pace car driver. In addition to the tire grip is down dramatically in the ability to see the track is also greatly reduced, knowledge of the track which passed a very important role, especially on roads that are less good as hollow, derivative / slope or the sides of the road condition is absolutely necessary.
Driving in the rain, like it or not the car's condition will greatly assist the driver through the track, for example health legs car / suspension car as it passes through the hole, readiness to block when the windshield wipers are down with heavy water, the condition of the tire when the path is slippery or condition of the brakes as it passes through the uphill / down, and readiness car lights when lighting is inadequate when the rain was so heavy.
Some tips / things to do when it rains driver include:
* Avoid aggressive driving: such as sudden braking, sudden step on the gas and maneuverable / cornering quickly.
* Turn on the wipers and headlights to support safety
* Keep the cars speed by considering the reduced ability of the car in terms of balance and tire grip.
* Keep your distance from other vehicles with your car further to anticipate sudden braking that requires much more space when it rains.
It would be a good idea to set up a car in good condition before traveling which is expected to be rainy, especially for long trips or out of town, here are some components that must be prepared before the car traveling when it rains:

1. Car tires, check the thickness of tire / batik see triangles TWI car with tires, tires are bald / thin very difficult to control when it rains, especially during braking or downhill roads, thin tires are also at risk for leaking current through the puddles that there dimunkinkan holes are not visible when the water is stagnant, bald tires also lose the ability to dispose of water attached to the tire so that it becomes heavy and slippery.
2. Car brakes, the brakes will go the extra mile here because of the water coming into the car than car load discs that gain weight while in the rain. It is demanding automotive enthusiasts to prepare the brakes in top condition, check the brakes are in good kondidi, make sure the lining / drum brake free from the crust / dust and try to change the brake fluid before m

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