Saturday, June 22, 2013

arian Opel Blazer Car Tips

arian Opel Blazer Car Tips - Opel Blazer is a car with SUV type that came out from 1996 to 2002, this car was the younger brother of Chevrolet Trooper is both dibesut by automotive manufacturers chevrolet, opel blazer itself actually consists of two generations namely the first generation in 1996 -1998 and 2000-2002 second generation. This car is quite popular because of the comfort level while passing through the field of asphalt and
offroad light, for those who like adventure to just let go of tired towards rural car is suitable.

This car has a range of advantages and disadvantages which generally lead there in comfort while driving for a field that is not too heavy, while the car's weakness lies in the treatment of such money is enough to drain the fuel and service, here are some tips or a short description of opel blazer are summarized from various sources.
The first generation of Opel Blazer has 3 variants namely:
1. Opel Blazer DOHC out of 1996
2. Opel Blazer LT out 1997 DOHC
3. Opel Blazer SLi issued in 1997, this type of Opel Blazer was wearing SOHC engine
The second-generation Opel Blazer issued between 2000 and 2002 was a Blazer Facelift
The following are types of Opel Blazer
* Opel Blazer Montera
- Minus roof rack
- Front and rear bumpers using black paint iron
- Do not have a rear wiper
- Using tin alloy wheels
- Do not have a trim body
- Minus fog lamp or fog lamp
- Door trim minimalist
- Without consule box
- Without cockpit panel
- 3rd row seat fabric material
- No electric mirrors
- Rear bumper plain (flat)
* Opel Blazer Montera LN, Blazer Montera same specs but the car is not equipped with an audio system and without the third-row seat
* Opel Blazer Montera LV
Exterior: the same but with the addition of the Blazer Montera:
- Bullbar
- Using alloy wheels
- Lis body

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