Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling the Ford Focus Sport Hatchback 170 Horsepower

Feeling the Ford Focus Sport Hatchback 170 Horsepower - If fans want to feel the gas pedal automotive vehicle 170 horsepower enough to go to a Ford dealer in each city and said he wanted to try out the Ford Focus S Hatchback, the automotive connoisseurs will be presented with a sports car hatchback with a range of advanced features in it . Ford Focus Sport Hatchback 2.0L AT is actually a blend of speed plus saloon car comfort combined with the practicality of a car city car, car power abundant,
advanced features, and the suspension is stable style sedan sporty style combined with the use of the City Car 5 door to pamper the passenger out of the car, the car's exterior design is too large hatchack cause this car practical / easy to use on the streets are narrow / jammed.
About Ford
For those who do not know the car manufacturers (Ford), Ford is the automotive manufacturer that is known for quality American car, especially for sports cars powered.
In his home country produces the Ford Focus RS cars Hot Hatch 2500 cc hatchback that is similar but has a power far greater than ordinary hatchback (often called Hothatch), this car blew hothatch success of the Mazda Mazda3 in terms of wildness hothatch driving. Ford Focus Americans has a power output of 301 horsepower while the Mazda3 2600 cc only able to put out 256 horsepower power you can imagine how the two cars sped to the power 2 times more than the latest All New Honda Jazz in Indonesia which only has power 120 horsepower what more than the Avanza Veloz only 104 horsepower.

Focus Hatchback exterior design is not so special according to the author, is even more pleasing to the eye ford fiesta seen that look cute. This car is more emphasis on function and defer Desai

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