Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mitsubishi Kuda Grandia Diesel MPV Review

Mitsubishi Kuda Grandia Diesel MPV Review - Mitsubishi Kuda Grandia is the highest variant of the MPV cars Mitsubishi Kuda, splendor back cars with a diesel heart made ​​ trying to find and menglas diesel MPV car back for a second that this time falls on the Mitsubishi Kuda Grandia. Mitsubishi Kuda first came out in 1999 with 2 kinds of engines (petrol and diesel) and 4 variants
namely petrol GLS Mitsubishi Kuda, Kuda Mitsubishi Super Exceed, Mitsubishi GLS Diesel and Mitsubishi Kuda Kuda Super Exceed Diesel.

Mitsubishi Kuda much favored by lovers of touring as a formidable engine in bulldoze heavy fields such as mountain climbs, especially for horse use diesel or diesel fuel. This car has a capacity of 7 passengers is designed as a family car and designed to accommodate a lot of luggage making machinery and deliberately created a powerful body in carrying the load.

Mitsubishi diesel engine is very powerful horse in the uphill terrain, this engine is also very durable, excess horses mitsubishi engine is its ability to be driven at high speeds can reach speeds over 160 km / h or even up to 180 Km / h, it is rarely owned Cars MPV diesel what else to measure 2000's. Even panther or deer for the same year lost in terms of speed and acceleration of the car, it is actually an advantage of a little-known horse mitsubishi people.

Mitsubishi engine, especially a horse who wears the famous diesel fuel durable or long lasting, one friend who uses this car told me that the new car into the garage after a 70 thousand kilometers, during which the machine was never fussy just doing regular service like oil change, filter cleaning air and diesel filters every 10 rib

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